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Focus & Self Control    1


Two Way Communication with your dog!


This class will benefit ANY dog, not just fearful or reactive dogs.  Great for dogs with little impulse control - the kind of dog that wants to pull towards everything on a walk.


What will you learn?



- you will learn how to focus on your dog and read their body language

- you will learn to recognize when your dog is going to react and stop the reaction before it occurs

- your dog will learn to offer focus without a cue



- you will learn how to control your emotions in situations where your dog might react

- you will learn how to let your dog know you are in control of the situation

- your dog will learn how to control themselves by changing their response to a situation


NOTE:  A class with multiple dogs can be too stimulating for some dogs to handle.  If we find your dog is unable to learn in a class setting, we will explore other options to help you and your dog.



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