Puppy Kindergarten


This is an off-leash class for puppies up to 4 months of age.  (first set of shots required)


The focus of this class is socialization (and familiarization) which is critical in the first four months of your pup's life.  We teach owners how to train their puppy using positive reinforcement methods that are fun for both owner and dog - with lots of play and socialization time.


The three most important things your puppy will learn are:

- Bite inhibition or gentle jaws

- Interacting with and being handled by people

- Reliable off-leash obedience

What will you learn?

Along with some basic obedience cues, you will learn how to deal with problems common to puppies (biting, house training, etc.) and how to build a trusting relationship with your pup. 

You will be also be introduced to “Clicker Training” (we will supply the clicker)

Note:  We ask that you carry your pup between the facility and your vehicle.    


Our floors are cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant prior to Puppy classes to mitigate risk of disease. 


Please do not let your pup walk in public places, dog parks, etc. until they are fully vaccinated.