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The Evolution
The world of dogs is constantly changing as science discovers new and wonderful things about our furry friends. 
Because we at Sit, Stay, Come & Play stay current on all of these wonderful things, we are always evolving... adding new training methods, learning about the importance of enriching our dogs lives, building better relationships and sharing all of this with our students. 

We have been in operation since 2015 and, over the course of that time, we are seeing that there are better ways to serve our customers, to give them what they need.  

To that end, we are revamping our current class structure...and we are so excited about it!!  Classes that are more focused on what dogs need to learn at certain ages like Puppy Preschool or The Terrible Teens, some shorter courses and workshops that deal with particular issues such as leash pulling and some just for fun courses, too. 

We will be working hard over the summer to make this happen. 
It's gonna be great!!

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