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Lexie MacGregor   Apprentice

She goes by Lexie and has been passionately working
with animals for the past 7 years.

She started off at the Medicine Hat SPCA, where she
learned so much about the more reactive pets, the special
issues each dog had, and everything in between. There,
she got the best perspective of a dog, and that's where
she realized how much understanding they really needed.

Then she ventured off to a local boarding kennel where she learned more about specific breeds and their temperaments, stress levels and how to notice and handle them, and so much more.
                                                        It was after that she decided to start her                                                                       own pet sitting business which has sent her                                                                  passion into hyperspeed. She has had the                                                                    best training from a local fear free dog                                                                          trainer, has read a plethora of books both                                                                      researched and recommended, and even                                                                       has her pet first aid.

Her hopes for the future are to keep learning everything
there is to know about successfully understanding dogs,
growing her business and becoming a dog trainer later

She hopes to spread awareness to those around her
about how to best read, teach and empower each
dog in her path. 

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