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Take a Bow...Wow!


A challenging, rewarding and fun-filled class for you and your dog!! 

Playing with your dog is one of the best ways to build a great relationship, learn to communicate with each other and enjoy being together.  This class will help you do that. 

You will find your dog will be more focused on you and their leash walking will improve.




Dogs must be comfortable around other dogs in the same room.

What will you learn?


This class is a mixture of obedience, tricks, fitness, focus and freestyle that teaches your dog to think.  


They will learn:

- exercises to stretch and strengthen their muscles - using tricks

- how to use their nose to find things

- how to distinguish objects by name, pick them up and maybe even put them away

- rear end awareness (some dogs don't know they have back feet)

- how to walk backwards, spin, turn left and right, weave through your legs


... and so much more!!

Teaching your dog tricks will not only reveal more of your dog’s real personality, including hidden talents, it will also improve your pet’s behavior, reinforce socialization, prevent boredom and restlessness, and instill your pet with greater confidence... and dramatically enrich the relationship the two of you already share. 

Note: Although Clicker training is not required, you and your dog will be more successful if you use a clicker.  We will supply a clicker and teach you if you don't know how it's done and want to learn.

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