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Ryan Kessell,  ABCDT   Instructor

Ryan's passion for dogs runs very deep and canines

have always fascinated him.  He has owned  dogs for

13 wonderful years now and truly believes they can

bring so much joy to someone’s  life. 

In 2015, he graduated from the Animal Behaviour

College, a very extensive dog training  program, which

enabled him to learn more about how dogs think and

the scientific approach to dog training.  Since then,

he has spent countless hours working with dogs at

local shelters and apprenticing at Sit, Stay, Come &

Play.  Ryan is also an SPCA board member.

Ryan believes it’s all about building a relationship -

meaning first developing a bond with the dog - then

comes trust and respect.  Once you have those three

things, it’s amazing how quickly a dog will learn to be

a wonderful part of any family.    

Having the privilege of owning a dog is not only rewarding on many levels, it can also be a test of your patience - he has been there and done that with his pack - from being pulled down the street to having his dogs peeing on the new carpet.   It can all be remedied with training, ignoring the bad behaviour and rewarding the good behaviour.


Ryan is constantly reading about new ideas and new training techniques to better understand canine philosophy.  We now have a more solid grasp of how a dog's mind works and it’s Ryan's dream to share his knowledge with the community

               ......and help one dog at a time.  


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