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General Philosophy


The Relationship you have with your dog is the underlying foundation for training.

           It’s a philosophy, not a training method

        - You and your dog deserve to have a relationship based on mutual trust and respect

        - Ask yourself the question “is what I am doing (or not doing) harming the relationship I                                                      have with my dog?”


                           - using the leash for corrections

                           - forcing the dog to do something they are afraid of


         We are their guardians and teachers, not their owners

                           - They are members of our family

                           - It is our job to keep them safe, teach them what is acceptable, try to                                       understand them and meet their needs

         Stop for a moment and look at the world through your dog’s eyes


          Fear free / force free

                    Your dog is a sentient being, with emotions, and should not live their life in fear                      of aversive consequences


           Your dog should be rewarded for a job well done

                    Treat training, done correctly,  is not bribery - it’s positive reinforcement

                    Use Life rewards – a game of tug or hide and seek, a car ride,

                                                   whatever your dog likes


            Dogs need to have some choices in their lives

                     They should not be forced to meet people that make them uncomfortable nor                         forced to sit or down if it causes them pain

            It is neither realistic or fair to expect dogs to stop acting like dogs

                      They bark or growl to communicate (NEVER punish a growl)

                      They may dig to create a cool spot to lay in

                      They may herd because it’s instinctive


In a dog’s eyes is a light that shines…
                                 ...Our work is to keep that light shining
                                                                                                            - Suzanne Clothier

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