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Cheryl Ann Barrett,  CPDT-KA, DN-CET  Instructor

Cheryl Ann started her journey in dog training in 1994 when
she rescued her dog Oakley from the SPCA.  The first training
class they attended just felt wrong.  It consisted mainly of jerking
the dog around with a leash, harsh reprimands and forcing the dog
to do things. It was heartbreaking to her to treat her wonderful, soft-souled dog this way.
Then she discovered Dr. Ian Dunbar and his positive training methods.  What a wonderful gift!!
Cheryl Ann began teaching these new methods and continued reading and learning, studying dog behaviour - something she has continued to do for the last 30 plus years - always gaining more knowledge and insight.   
She discovered the sport of agility, competed and taught for a number of years.  Imagine running with your best friend with no leash to hold either of you back, weaving your way through an obstacle course. The freedom!!  The bond that grows between human and canine!!  Another gift!!
Then came Charlie...   She also came from the SPCA. This
little girl was a handful...over the top crazy, reactive, no focus,
no self-control.  She really was a gift in disguise. She taught
Cheryl Ann so many new things and opened up a new world
 - helping people with their reactive or unfocused dogs.
                                      ... and now there's Lizzie!!  
                                          It has been a dream of Cheryl Ann's to dedicate herself to                                                           helping others build a special relationship with their dogs and to                                                   share her knowledge with other trainers to promote positive, force                                                 free training methods.  
                                      Sit, Stay, Come & Play fulfills that dream.


Canine Behaviour Consultant


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