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Sit, Stay, Come & Play is committed to promoting understanding, kindness and mutual respect when training dogs - to build a strong relationship between owner and dog.  


To that end, one of the things we do is mentor new trainers - hopefully to help change the old training methods of dominance, leash jerking and reprimanding.   


Animal Behaviour College requires their students to complete an "externship" after they have completed their course and we work with ABC to accommodate the students that live in our area.  


We welcome the opportunity to mentor these students and help them achieve their goals. 

Kylie Eckes  

Kylie is joining us from Brooks to complete her externship with Animal Behaviour College. 

She is currently taking the six week observation portion of the course and will then do 12 weeks of hands on and assisting. 

Tamara Kostiuk  

Tamara will be making the commute from Lethbridge for the next 12 weeks or so with her dog Abby in order to complete her externship with Animal Behaviour College. 

She hopes to take her knowledge and experience forward to work with support dogs. 

Update - June 2019 

Tamara has passed her exam and completed her course - specialty in shelter dogs.  She is currently looking for an apprenticeship opportunity in Lethbridge.  Best of luck in the future, Tamara!

Tim Meyer 

Tim grew up in Medicine Hat and currently lives in Lethbridge.  He and his Bernese puppy Zuri will be joining us for the next two sessions of classes to complete his externship with Animal Behaviour College.

Tim has a passion for dogs and a thirst for knowledge which will serve him well in his future endeavors. 

Update - April 2018 

Tim has written and passed his exam and is now an Animal Behaviour College certified dog trainer. Way to go, Tim!

Stephanie Greenwald

Stephanie has almost completed her externship and will soon be getting ready for her final exam.  She exhibits skill in understanding dog behaviour and reading their emotions.

Stephanie would like to work with dogs that have behaviour issues in the future. 

UPDATE - December 2017.

Stephanie has passed her exam and was named to the HONOR ROLL.  Congratulations, Stephanie, job well done!!

Stephanie has started her own business in Medicine Hat  -  Rottie to the Core.  She offers in home training and walking classes.

Katyra Herbus 

Katyra is currently completing her externship with Animal Behaviour College and is beginning to assist with classes.

Sit, Stay, Come & Play hopes she will stay on after she has finished her course and become one or our instructors.

She is wonderful with people and dogs.  Just a joy to have around!

Update: October 10, 2017 

We just found out Kat has passed her exam and is now an Animal Behaviour College certified dog trainer.  Congratulations!!

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