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Tiffany Braun   Instructor


Tiffany’s foray into the dog training world began

when she moved out west from Ontario in the

late 90's and settled in Medicine Hat.


Although she did not have a dog at that time –

her border collie “Scooter” had remained back

east with the family – she started assisting Puppy and Agility classes.  That’s when she was bit by the bug!  Tiffany assisted for a few years until she felt she had the knowledge and skills to become an instructor. 



                                               Then along came Dixie!  She was a 4 month old rescue that                                                 had been unceremoniously tossed from a car near                                                               Lethbridge.  It was a match made in heaven!  Tiffany took                                                   this sweet little border collie cross home.  The sweetness                                                    lasted about one day – then the sass appeared!  Tiffany                                                      had her hands full.  What better way to learn about

                                                naughty but nice dogs.


                                               Tiffany and Dixie had some adventures in agility while Tiffany                                               she continued to teach and learn.

When asked why she teaches, Tiffany says: 

    “I teach because I love it - plain and simple.

     Watching dogs figure it out finally, after working at it for a little bit, is totally priceless...        their expressions and pride once they figure it out is so awesome to's just          an all around great thing!

     I know what a struggle it can be to try and teach your dog, especially when they are a             free spirit. I've learned a lot over the years. Why not share it with everyone?”


Tiffany is a well respected instructor with over

               20 years of experience.

Sit, Stay, Come & Play is fortunate to have her!

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