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Intermediate Obedience                 -   at   True North K9 Compound 


Everything changes when you get outside!  Distractions are everywhere – sights and sounds and best of all -  smells. 

We want our dogs to respond just as quickly outdoors as indoors, no matter what is going on around them.   


This class is an opportunity to practice these skills in a safe outdoor environment. 


Wouldn’t you love a reliable recall?  To walk by another dog with no pulling on the leash?  To have your dog stay as another dog runs by or someone throws a ball?


Wouldn’t it be nice to stop and chat with someone on the street with your dog relaxed and sitting beside you – no jumping on the person or accosting their dog?


These are the skills we will be focusing on in this class. 


Using the facilities at the compound, we will be helping the dogs learn self-control, instilling confidence and building trust. 

....and we'll have some fun, too!

Note: This is a 7 week course.  The cost for the session is $190 which includes use of the facilities.  Dogs MUST be comfortable around other dogs and people.

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