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#101  552 18th  St SW

 Medicine Hat, AB

Phone: 403 581-0727

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Relationship Centered Training blends heart and science with

     a deep appreciation for each dog as an individual, and each                              relationship as unique and dynamic.     ...Suzanne Clothier



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Starting October 30, 2023

       Mondays         -  6:15  Puppy Preschool (can start any week)

                           - 7:30  Puppy Primer        


       Tuesdays        - 6:15  Manners & Life Skills (starts Nov 7)

                              - 7:30  Focus & Self Control

       Wednesdays  - 6:30  Take a Bow-Wow!

       Thursdays       - 6:15  Puppy Primer

                              - 7:30  Foundations



Puppy Preschool is 3 weeks, 1 night per wk          Cost: $  60.00

Other classes are 5 weeks, 1 night per wk            Cost: $130.00


Registration options:

   online - click on the Register tab 

   email  -

   call     - 403 581-0727 

We offer a discount on your first session if your dog was adopted from a local rescue within the last year.

(class schedules may change depending on demand)


Upcoming Session will start January 8, 2024

If you don't see the class you want
or if you have a suggestion, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

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